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Grinding & Hard Chrome Plating Experts for Over 40 Years

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Eagle Grinding and Plating Milwaukee Wisconsin

Grinding & Hard Chrome Plating Experts for Over 30 Years

Northeast Wisconsin

(715) 856-5550

Southeast Wisconsin

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Precision Grinding

Precision O.D. and I.D. Grinding Services

O.D. Grinding (Outer Diameter), "Cylindrical Grinding" or "Center Type Grinding", is the process of precision grinding the outer surface of round parts including axle shafts, rolls, tapered shafts, motor shafts, mandrels, multi-step parts and more.

I.D. Grinding (Inner Diameter), "Internal Grinding", is a method of grinding the inside diameter of a part's cylindrical opening to the exact size and surface finish. Example parts can be rollers, bearings, tubing, bushings and more.

We have the following O.D. Grinding Capabilities:

• Between Centers Length up to 160"
• Grinding Diameter 1/8" to 24" O.D.
• Universal Grinder 12" x 36"
• Inner Diameters up to 28"
• Tolerances available down to +/- 0.0002"

We can hold the following to specific engineering requirements:

• Close Diameter Tolerances
• R.M.S. Finish
• Radii
• Lengths
• .I.R. (Total Indicator Reading).

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Precision ID Honing Services Wisconsin

I.D. Honing Services

I.D. (Inner Diameter) Honing is the process of internal bore finishing which creates perfect roundness for the surface finish and bore sizing precision accuracy. The I.D. Honing equipment produces a boring action which removes the peak points on the inside of components. During this process it will bring close tolerances to the proper specifications needed.

We have the following I.D. Honing Capabilities:

• I.D. Honing lengths to 48"
• I.D. Bore sizes 3/32" to 7"

Our machines have power stroking and auto size attachements for cost efficiency on large quantity orders.

We can provide complete re-conditioning of cylinder bores and valve bodies. All inspections equipment necessary for checking I.D. and R.M.S. (Root Mean Square).

Quick Glossary

I.D. is Inner Diameter | O.D. is Outer Diameter | R.M.S. is Root Mean Square | T.I.R. is Total Indicator Reading

Note: The full indicator reading observed with the dial indicator in contact with the part feature surface during revolution of the part about its datum axis. Also refers tot he total reading observed while in traverse over a fixed noncircular shape.

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